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An Open & Affirming United Church Of Christ Congregation

At The Congregational Church of Mansfield, we know that inspiration opens hearts. An open heart is an open mind and an open mind is one that can practice tolerance, experience gratitude and feel the glory of God. It is our belief that God is present in all of us, but His active presence can only be felt through faith in Him. We are dedicated to the service of God and all his people, and our goal is to inspire you through the holiness of our dwelling and our services. We invite you to become a part of our growing Congregation.

We invite you to view a new Welcome video from our Interim Pastor, Rev. Dr. Ruth E. Shaver. Click the link below.

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No matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here among friends!

The Congregational Church and her copper steeple have been a landmark in the center of Mansfield for over 180 years with roots as long-standing as the community itself. We'd like to think that we've seasoned enough over the years to reveal a practical wisdom, an enthusiastic inclusiveness, and a joyful desire to serve God at the heart of the community. Situated at the crossroads of Mansfield you might think of us like the leaven in the loaf that Jesus mentioned. The yeast enhanced the dough lending it depth, flavor and texture. We strive to be that leaven, utilizing our many gifts for: the up-building of community, the fostering of understanding, and the bearing of light to lives darkened by a host of circumstances. We are conduits of God's love overflowing to the community and world.

Whether it's wrestling with theological controversy that gave rise to our origin, gathering together those who shared abolitionist sentiment during the mid-19th century, serving as a hospital setting for the care of souls during the 1918 influenza outbreak, forming a Community Food Pantry in the late 1990's, sending a construction team to New Orleans to aid hurricane recovery in 2008, helping rebuild in southern Vermont after floods caused by Hurricane Irene, or becoming an "Open & Affirming Church" in 2012 (which welcomes the LGBT community as a sign of God's love and acceptance), we simply provide a warm, engaging, progressive Christian witness. As we proceed through the early 21st century, God continues to touch our lives calling us to responsive, caring mission. These are but a few of the historic pieces that provide substance for our church life and which shape our identity and character.

Our 270 members and friends are thankful for the journey that has brought you here as, even now, God prepares to write the next chapter of the mission and ministry entrusted to us. Together we strive to "live the faith that Jesus fully embodied" as his hands and heart at work in the world today.

God is Still Speaking every us...and through us! Welcome to this wonderful adventure in faith. 
The Congregational Church of Mansfield is one of the leading congregations in the Mansfield area. We are a vibrant congregation dedicated to serving the spiritual, educational, and cultural needs of the surrounding community. Our Church is deeply rooted in holy words, and our doors are always open to community members who are looking for a quiet place to worship. Contact us, or visit us to learn more about how to become a part of our congregation.

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Interim Pastor

Several of you have said on the Facebook page that my name sounds familiar; you're probably right if you were active in the UCC and/or what was then the Attleboro Area Council of Churches in the early 2000s. I was the Minister of Christian Education and Family Life at Second Congregational Church, UCC, in Attleboro from 2001-2006 (ordained in 2003); I was on a couple of Association committees and the Old Colony Board of Directors for a term. I was an active board member/executive officer of the AACC for a good part of my time in Attleboro, as well. My direct connections to The Congregational Church of Mansfield are that I preached for Ted one Sunday in the summer of 2005 and that he and I, along with our colleague and friend Bob MacFarlane, took a group of confirmands from our respective churches to Washington, D.C., in the spring of 2006.

Ted was also the very first person to say to me that once I had served as either a solo or senior pastor, I should consider interim ministry as a vocational track. That I am following him here is evidence both that God grants prophetic vision on occasion and that God has a sense of humor in the very best way. Between Attleboro and Mansfield, I served for 10 years as the Pastor and Teacher of The United Church of Schellsburg in the Penn West Conference; I was active in the Juniata Association and with conference youth activities as well as leading annual meeting worship planning for several years. I crammed an additional 5 years of life  into those 10 calendar years because I did my Doctor of Ministry at Lancaster Theological Seminary during my time in Schellsburg, at the end of which I was exhausted and on the ragged edge of burnt out.

I came "home" to Massachusetts, attended Second Church to sing in the choir and play handbells, and spent three semesters substitute teaching in Mansfield, Attleboro, North Attleboro, and Franklin. Rested and refocused, I then went to my first official interim (there's a story for another time about the unofficial interims) at First Church of Christ, Congregational, UCC, in North Conway, New Hampshire. We were the first congregation in New England to call a settled pastor virtually: the pandemic delayed us six weeks. Without that delay, I don't think the wheels would have aligned to bring me here. Funny, that...

I'm a military brat, a Texan by nature and nurture but the New England genes run strong in me, and please, God, someday, let there be the Superbowl I can't lose between Dallas and New England. I was a Soviet and East European Studies major at Boston University when the Berlin Wall fell, which my mother still says was God's way of getting my attention so I'd go to seminary, also at Boston University. I've always loved science and got to pursue deeper understanding of the field very broadly for my D.Min. and later as a Sinai and Synapses Fellow. My parents and my brother live in Corpus Christi, Texas, where it's just too hot for too much of the year for me to live, but it's a beautiful place to be from. I have a collection of close friends and "second" family members scattered from Franklin to the Cape who are delighted to have me back for Friday dinners and game nights...whenever that becomes safer, of course!

I can't wait to start meeting you all (or "all y'all" in Texan, which, yes, you will hear fairly regularly) via ZOOM until such time as we can gather in person. May God bless us with patience, wisdom, grace, and laughter for our journey together.

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Our regular worship schedule is:

Sunday Worship: 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary followed by Coffee Hour at 11:00 AM in the Vestry

'Summer Breeze' Sunday Worship: 9:30 AM in the Vestry (late June through early September)

Easter Sunday

Sunrise Service: 6:00 AM on the South Common followed by Easter Breakfast in the Vestry

Easter Sunday Celebration: 10:00 AM in the Sanctuary


Christmas Eve Service: 4:30 PM in the Sanctuary (A Family Friendly Candlelight Service)

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The Joy of Generosity

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). Every gift makes an incredible difference to our incredible church, the people of Mansfield and our work in the world. Give a single gift online or set up recurring donations. We are so grateful for your commitment and generosity.

Click the Support Us button to make a one time donation. To join our e-giving program for recurring donations, click the e-giving button.

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To be and become the hands and heart of Jesus Christ - reaching out with compassion and love. To that end we are organized as a Discipleship Church with its Members, Core Ministries and Discipleship Groups dedicated to serving God.

We invite you to read our bylaws by clicking on the By Laws link below.

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We would love to hear from you! Contact The Congregational Church of Mansfield today.

17 West St, Mansfield, MA 02048, USA

(508) 339-4793

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